Before I Forget


1. Chance on a feeling
2. Tender babes
3. Hollywood rock’n’roll
4. Bach onto this
5. Before I forget
6. Say it’s all right
7. Burntwood
8. Where are you?
9. Going home (bonus, 7″ b-side)
10. Pavane (bonus, unreleased)
12. Lady (bonus, unreleased)
13. For a friend (bonus, unreleased)
14. Interview (bonus)

Original LP sleeve:

buy-101982 Purple Records


2 Kommentare

  1. This fantastic album is ALWAYS in my Winamp!I’m now listen Bach onto this,amazing song!!!Oh,well,Tender Babes with Cozy’s thundering is also marvelous.
    Great musicians with Mr.Lord!

  2. Someone lent this album to my dad for me to listen to when I was 14 as I play the organ. I was learning the toccata for my practical playing exams.

    I did forget all about the album, apart from the longing to hear it again and the image on the cover.

    I’m now 31 and still play the organ and keyboards.

    Tonight I remembered the name. „before I forget“.

    I’ve managed to source a copy which is fantastic and much as I remember it.

    Listening to this album now my own music makes more sense. I can see the influence it has had.

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